Travel Ball

Travel Ball

Travel Ball Mission

The BCB Travel Ball teams are player development clubs.

The focus lies in 3 areas:

  1. Physical: conditioning, being in great fitness. Learning to train at a level that is uncomfortable so the athlete can impose his/her will on opponents.
  2. Mental: developing a relentless, competitive mindset. A mindset that exudes real toughness and ability to handle adversity and look at situations on and off the court through a different lens.
  3. Skill: We will develop the fundamentals through the trademark BCB approach of “Master the Boring” – which is ridiculous attention to detail in the fundamentals of the game: Ball handling, passing, shooting, finishing, footwork and decision-making.

In addition, BCB uses basketball to teach and reinforce character. Basketball provides numerous teachable moments. The ball stops bouncing for even the greatest of players, so who you are and how you treat others is more important than your jump shot.

However, please don’t get confused. We develop competitors. Developing the entire player and person is the foundation of our mission.

BCB teams are coached by BCB Coaches, not parents.  All BCB coaches played at the college level and understand the level of commitment required. Most practice weeks consist of 2 practices per week. Some weeks there may be 3 practices. The number of tournaments depends on age and stage of players.

Who is BCB for?:

  • Committed, serious players who like to work or want to learn how to work at a high intensity level
  • Families that are looking for something different.
  • Players that want to be taught the game and who want to be coached. We do not “roll the balls out” or just “hoop in tournaments”. We place high priority on practices and development throughout a tournament weekend.

Who BCB is not for:

  • Athletes who are looking to just have fun but not put in the work that serious players understand precedes the “fun” moments in the big games.
  • Parents who like to coach from the stands or make a scene with refs or tournament organizers.
  • Players that have arrived and have more answers than questions.

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“Blue Collar Basketball gave me the opportunity to train with like minded athletes and get out of my comfort zone. It helped develop my overall game, but more importantly I was able to take what I had learned and help develop my teammates. Sam Allen’s teachings helped propel not only my game, but my life with his example of the kind of man I want to be.”

Davy Fisher, 2014 Region Player of Year, Model HS, Mississippi College