What We Offer

Individual Training

At our initial evaluation, assessment and training session, we work with the athlete to determine the best plan to meet his or her needs. We believe in developing the complete player. However, upon athlete’s request, we will concentrate on specific skills.  In developing the whole player, we focus on footwork, ball handling, passing, and shooting.

Small Group Training

Our small group sessions consist of groups from 2-8 players.  Small group sessions are similar to individual sessions with enhancements in the following areas:

  • Competition (1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3) with game rules/limitations to apply skill sets that have been trained
  • Development of teammate characteristics and leadership qualities
  • Specialized offensive movements

Team Training

Our team training differs from program to program.  In our team training, we sit down with head coaches prior to the first session.  Our diverse teaching and expansive knowledge allow us to implement, drill, and habit-train a number of different systems.  Just a few examples of different systems we have implemented and trained teams in:


  • Motion Screen Away (curl, fade, backdoor, slips)
  • Variety of Continuity
  • Read and React
  • Swing
  • Dribble Drive


  • Man to Man (pressure, pack-line)
  • Full Court Pressure
  • Half-court zone defenses

Specialized System Sessions

We have implemented a number of different offensive and defensive systems for college, high school, and middle school programs.  The “BCB Pressure Defensive System” has been one of the most common requests by coaches and programs. BCB has implemented Better Basketball’s Read and React Offense for a number of programs as well.

“At BCB, the team is more than trainers, they are investors. Their unique ability to instill basketball skill in players is second to none, but the personal investment in the players themselves is what sets them apart. It is with great confidence that I recommend to you BCB.”

- Gant Garner